Cook it for the health, eat it for the yum

“Detox” is a word that scares me. It sounds like it’s going to be hard. I don’t like hard. I like easy. But I have gallstones so I had to investigate food that was medicine for my body.

It’s a funny story actually. I mean, it’s not, but I can laugh about it now. I had indigestion but the pain got worse. Two hours later I messaged My Mate Rachel The Ambo to ask politely if I was dying. When I felt myself starting to pass out from the pain, I decided to call an ambulance. A lot of morphine and a trip the hospital later, it all became clear. Gallstones. Great.

To prevent it happening again, I had to drastically reduce the fat continent in my diet and hunt out foods that gave good vibes to my internal organs. Thankfully I’d already started to change my diet to whole grains and pulses and things – eating like a hippy is much cheaper – so this wasn’t a giant stretch. But it was an interesting exercise.

Turmeric came top of the list in the internal-organ-good-vibes area. It’s an anti-inflammatory, with some studies saying that it out-performs common anti-inflammatory drugs. It’s also good for skin, mood, joints and a whole host of other things.

This is when I found the recipe for Detox Turmeric and Lentil Soup at Simply Quinoa. It looked good for health (all the ingredients are good for you which makes it extra righteous) and I assumed it would taste like medicine too – bitter and not that pleasant but needing to eat it because ya gotta, and I didn’t want my gallbladder to explode again.

What a revelation. It’s hard to explain but it just “hits the spot”. Turmeric can be bitter, but I found in this it was balanced well with the other spices. As with all recipes though, you can tinker around with the spices to get a balance that works best for your taste. The soup itself gets nice and thick and even stew-like which is super satisfying.

It is now on my cooking rotation every two weeks. It’s one of the cheapest meals I make, and it’s one of the healthiest too and everyone I’ve made it for has loved it. It’s extra special when served with some of homemade bread that I shared earlier this week.

It also gave me ideas of how I could “riff on a theme” and make other soups like this that are good for the bod but yum in the tum. I’ll share some as I test drive them.

PS I haven’t had a gallbladder attack since eating this kind of food. Which is good, because I don’t think My Mate Rachel The Ambo could take another message like that.

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3 thoughts on “Cook it for the health, eat it for the yum

  1. I love reading your blogs Ruth & would appreciate the soup recipe here. I make soup all the time in the cooler. Months Can I give you something in return.?

    Oh, instead of throwing out veggie scraps, freeze them. Including Parmesan cheese rind for throwing in stews tc. When you need veggie stock just make with the frozen veg. Freezing overripe bananas is great too. Add them to cakes, banana bread tc. I have a fantastic banan bread recipe if you want it. Freezes well & toasts up like a dream 💙


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