The weirdest and best life hack I’ve ever tried

My son loves Fruit Ninja. Secretly so do I, but we don’t need to talk about that. My son has this thing he likes to do – when he levels up, they show fun fruit facts. He reads them to me and I pretend to listen and we’re both happy.

But the other day he read one that stuck out – apparently you can shine leather shoes with banana skins. Seriously?

It turns out this is a real thing. The skins contain potassium which (Google tells me) is a key ingredient in shoe polish.

So the other night I spent about 2 hours searching for something to watch on Netflix. You know those nights when you spend all your TV watching time just searching for something, and then give up anyway? Well, as I’m about to de-clutter the living room of all the kids left-over detritus from the day, I see the banana skin. I see the school shoes. Banana skin. School shoes. I’ve gotta give this a go. And besides, I’ve got no more episodes of “The Good Place” to watch, so I may as well.

Well, holey moley. If it didn’t work like a charm. I gave it a good swabbing and then cleaned off the banana residue with a clean cloth. Here’s the before and after.


There’s no filter on this or anything so you can really see the difference.

Apparently you can do other things with banana skins – like polish wood furniture, and give your house plant leaves a sprucing up.

Ah, bananas. Is there anything you can’t do? Who knew they were so clever?

People’ll be eating them next.

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