A waste reduction that gave me a life hack

I do love a life hack. Especially when you find them by accident. It lifts your whole day. And I don’t know about you, but when you discover something simple and elegant and smart, you feel like you could make fire or climb a mountain or take on a bear. It makes you feel sage and wise and with-it and totally together – winning at life.

Well this is simple and elegant (much like my good self….) and the life hack is smart but its not world changing so don’t get too excited. For me though, it was huge.

For starters, I’d looked around in my life at my plastic usage – especially at single use plastic. One of them was the plastic veggie bags from the supermarket. I tried going without for a while but that just made shopping a strange mix of chasing veg around the car when they fell out on the way home. And, you know, spinach leaves.

Anyway, I got some re-usable produce bags. I got some onyalife ones at biome where you can get heaps of different kinds. You can get them at other places like seed & sprout too (so have fun shopping 🙂 ).

I also make (when I am winning at life) zucchini slice or zucchini chocolate muffins and squeezing the water out of the grated zucchini is one of my least favourite things. I either use a clean tea-towel (but then end up with gross tea towels) or I can use paper kitchen towel (but then end up with a horrible soggy mess).

Bingo! I think one day. Use the produce bag! Zucchini squeezed, water gone, bag washed out, muffins in the oven – Boom. Ruth 1 – Life 0.

Side note: Is it really sad when squeezing zucchini without mess makes you feel like you’re nailing it? I don’t think so. No. Definitely not.


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