Nothing says love like tomato chutney

Here’s a crazy awesome thing that I discovered – the more I have got into this whole working-out-how-to-do-life-cheaper-and-better-and-that, the more I have found community. I mean, I have friends and acquaintances like a normal person, but this has opened doors into people’s lives that I never would have thought.

My Mate Di is a gorgeous huggable wonderful woman I know from my church. I’ve known her for years and we’ve always chatted and laughed and taken the micky out of her husband. But I never really had a window on her life.

A few weeks ago I gave her a recipe for something I’d made and then on Sunday she completed a “swap” with me – she handed me a jar of her home made tomato chutney in return for the recipe I’d given her. First of all, I was blown away, because that’s awesome! Super thoughtful right? I mean it was only a recipe. She gave me an actual jar of something. Second, it was bleeding gorgeous. It kicked my sandwich’s butt.

Finally, it really opened a window on her life for me. This is her home made recipe. This is what she created with her hands. This is what she takes pleasure in making. It made me think. Not only loving on Di a whole lot more, but also seeing community in this endeavour.

We have our go-to recipes and life hacks and tips and tricks – what else do I not know that’s sitting in the gold mine of my social circle?

There’s richness in sharing our ideas and produce. Doing this journey alone is fun and it’s OK, but how much more deep is the experience when shared with others? Especially because it is a joyful one – we don’t talk about lack of anything, we talk about what we’ve discovered, what we’ve tasted, what we’ve saved.

Community is important is life. Especially now in the age of technology and isolation. Community is about belonging and loving and learning and sharing and growing together. I am really excited for what happens next on this journey.

PS The next time I see My Mate Di, I’ll tell her you all said “hi” 😉





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