I pickled something!

So I had some leftover cabbage from a recipe wallowing around in the bottom of the veggie drawer. Now you might ask “Er…why did you have cabbage because….like….ee-ew!” All I can say is that there was a food combo I wanted to try, it involved cabbage and so there it was – but that’s another story.

Anywho, it was starting to look a bit sad so I felt compelled to save said cabbage from the eternal damnation of the compost. Pickling! I thought. Cabbages are pickled right? And My Mate Kathryn says that fomented food is really good for the gut – and if My Mate Kathryn says it, you don’t need to google it.

I sussed out on the Inter-webs how to pickle things and it turned out it was really easy – a glass jar (check), 1 cup of water (check), 1 cup of white vinegar ($1.30 from the local supermarket), salt (check), and celery seeds for flavour (hmmmm….couldn’t find so bought celery salt for $1.90 at the local store to use instead of basic salt – coz that will be as good right?). Mix it up. Slice the cabbage and stick it in the jar. Fill it to the top. Let it do its thing for a week and then 30226870_1983916591619949_6206822904928141312_oits good to go and will last for ages.

Heaps good on sandwiches with cheese or meats or as a base for coleslaw and good on its own in salads too. Also good with pork dishes as a crunchy sour side.

Total cost to me for the first one – $3.10. Cost of buying the same amount at the store – $3-$4.00. The second time I make it – free! I already have the vinegar and celery salt (which totally worked by the way) so whatever I pickle is just leftovers. Yay me!

Best thing about pickling leftovers?

I felt righteous.

I hadn’t wasted anything and had used everything instead of just chucking things willy-nilly. Oh yeah. Felt good. And tastes yummo as well – in the pic you’ll see the jar isn’t full. That’s coz I already had some and it was goooood!

PS I hope you like my clean looking house in the background. Don’t worry, if you pan the camera my house looks the same as yours 🙂




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